Development projects:

  •   Drilling
  •   Completion
  •   Evaluation
  •   Restoration
  •   Well stimulation
  •   Technical and Economic Feasibility Study - TEFS

Implementation of special projects for:

  •   Gravel packing without losses and damages (GPSPD)
  •   Water injection
  •   Steam injection
  •   Artificial lift
  •   Flow measurement
  •   Thermochemical cleaning of pipelines and tanks
  •   Oil and natural gas production installation projects

Consulting and Advisory

  •   Provision of services in engineering, supply, assemling and conditioning of oil and natural gas production systems of small/medium sizes
  •   Consulting in the areas of prevention and removal of formation damage, interface chemistry, development of chemical products and formulation of drilling fluids, completion, restoration, matrix acidification, stimulation and solvent treatment
  •   Advisory services in the analysis and development of projects in the areas of exploration and production of oil and gas Wells, water, gas and steam injection


  •   Operation supervision in rigs during drilling activities, completion, evaluation and oil-well interventions
  •   Operation of oil and natural gas Field
  •   Monitoring and interpretation of Well Steam Tests and production tests
  •   Geologic monitoring of well drilling
  •   Multidisciplinary supervision in construction activity and industrial assembly
  •   Reservoir management