Empresa de Engenharia de Petróleo Ltda.

Created on November 3 1999, ENGEPET Works, mostly, on the development and application of pimping and oil production technology, as well as in the operation of oil and gas fields.

ENGEPET has developed new technologies for the Brazilian oil industry in the areas of artificial pumping and oil flow. Furthermore, is has contributed to the fields of Engineering, Installation and Commissioning (EPC) through the vast experience of its multidisciplinary staff, dedication to research and management expertise.

Success does not come by chance and, for ENGEPET, it is mostly result of its high-level professionals. This technical staff consists in its majority by former Petrobras’ professionals and other oil-activity service providers. They have extensive experience in the fields of drilling, evaluation, completion, restoration, stimulation, reservoirs and production facilities.


ENGEPET is created.
ENGEPET exports its innovative artificial oil elevation products to Colombia. After the consultancy service provided to BRASPETRO / COLOMBIA (Petrobras Internacional S/A), ENGEPET signed a contract to supply two Pneumatic Elevation Pumping Systems BPZ (hoping to provide ten more equipment piece between the second and the third trimester on the same year). The machinery will be installed at the Yaguara Production Field.
ENGEPET will provide Specialized Technical Support Services to the Administrative Activities regarding the Construction and the Assembling at the UO-SEAL.
ENGEPET signs a contract with Petrobras in order to provide Supervision regarding Operations, Elaboration and Project Implementation Oversight, Consultance and Technical Support on Oil Wells within the Business, Exploration and Production Petrobras’ Unities located in Bahia, Sergipe and Alagoas, Rio Grande do Norte and Ceará, Amazonas and Espírito Santo.
September 3rd. ENGEPET will extract gas in Maranhão. ENGEPET signs exploration contracts to begin the extraction at the Oeste de Canos e Espigão wells, in Santo Amaro, Lençóis Maranhenses, for Panergy and ENGEPET. The project will receive more than R$ 20 million in investments and should begin shortly, in November, and it will count with the Perícia Engenharia’s partnership.
ENGEPET provides to Petrobras UO –SEAL three Pneumatic Elevation Systems BPZ. The machinery instalment prevision goes until 2016 first semester. ENGEPET will extract oil and gas in Bahia. ENGPEPET buys, at the 13th Marginal Well Round Selling Process performed by the ANP – the Brazilian Oil, Gas and Biofuels - the Riacho Sesmaria and Bela Vista production Wells, located at the Recôncavo Baiano. The initiative has as business partners the OGG (Oil and Gas Investments Group – Export and Production) and the oil and gas production is expected to begin


Contribute on oil engineering developments, offering new technologies through equipment and services, priming for quality, health, safety and environmental protection, focusing profitability and on the continuing valorisation of the human being.


Become national reference on oil engineering field, offering new technologies to both domestic and foreign market, operating oil fields and contributing for the continuing Oil and Gas productive chain.

Integrated Management System Politics

ENGEPET – Brazilian oil engineering company – understands that promoting quality and safety in its processes, products and services is essential in order to conquer, maintain and increase the number of clients. ENGEPET’s Top Administration takes responsibility on creating all necessary conditions to effectively fulfil this politics, at the perspective of:

- Developing and ameliorating new technologies.
- Promoting continuing improvements on its processes through critical analysis of its integrated management system performance and with the collaborators’ commitment with goals and aims previously established.
- Prevent, identify and control pollution, environmental impacts, security risks, and occupational health on productive activities.
- Attend to costumers’ requirements, as well as legal applicable requirements and any other subscribed requirement from the company itself.
- Manage efficiently its human and financial resources and available materials, aiming for costs reduction and profitability increase.






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